Specimen #439

Name: Spessartine Garnet with Smoky Quartz

Type: Mineral

Locality: Tongbei, Yunxiao (Yunling), Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian, East Region, China

Favorite? N

Fluorescent? N

Size: 6.0 x 5.7 x 2.3 cm

Weight: 64

Acquired: 2007-05-03

Source: Arkenstone Auction

Label: Y

Comment: These new Spessartines are some of the most attractive and highly displayable specimens to come out of China in the last few years. This particular piece features several lustrous, gemmy, reddish-orange trapezohedra with dodecahedral modifications measuring up to 9 mm associated with a highly lustrous, gem quality Smoky Quartz crystal on Orthoclase. The color in these crystals is about as very attractive, and they are not at all dull or pitted. This material is becoming less and less available on the market, and keep in mind that there are only a few worldwide localities that produce this color of Spessartine in fine specimens. Bright orange Spessartine specimens are NOT easy to find these days from any locality.

Minerals: Quartz (SiO2) Smoky Quartz - brown to black Spessartine (Mn++3Al2(SiO4)3) Garnet

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